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ICE | Sapphire

The most advanced guest service technology in the world, ICE Sapphire is flexible, responsive, streamlined, elegant and profitable. By utilizing HTML5, ICE Sapphire ensures your guests' experience is the same no matter what the device. It's integrated to over 35 hotel systems and offers guests a full array of 35 guest services.

ICE I Mobile
ICE Touch
ICE | touch

The extraordinary success of touch screen tablets has made ICE on guestroom tablets our most popular solution for hotels. And it's spreading from Los Angeles to London, Thailand to Toronto, Brazil to Brussels.

Guestroom tablets give guests the ability to order in-room dining, make housekeeping requests, schedule wake-up calls – in fact, guests may request all 35 hotel services with the touch of a finger. Guests can plan and pre-plan their services in their own time and at their own pace without waiting on hold or waiting in line. Intelity's revolutionary technology connects hotel staff and hotel guests like never before resulting in greater revenue opportunities, streamlined efficiencies and a better overall guest experience.

We feature ICE on iPads and Android tablets. All your services are a touch away.

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ICE | Mobile

Ideal for the guest on the run. ICE on iPhone and Android phones offers your guests a robust array of hotel options and offers. A guest can order towels, make a tee time, order a wake-up call, and do many other things that ICE offers, all from their mobile smart phone. It's the easiest way to begin serving your guests with ICE.

ICE I Mobile




Intelity's ICE transforms your guestroom television from a passive entertainment device into an interactive guest service dynamo. With a click of the remote control, guests can change channels or order lunch, choose a movie or schedule a wake-up or a turn down. All of your hotel's services and information are offered right on the TV screen. It's like nothing you've ever seen because only ICE can do it all.




ICE is the perfect public-space solution for your guests. It uses strategically placed iPads in mounts to engage and serve your guests at the touch of their finger. Please place them by the Front Desk or the Concierge Desk or near your meeting rooms.

Called by many a "virtual concierge," guests may touch the screen to:

  • learn about your hotel, its amenities, history and venues.
  • learn about local attractions, restaurants, clubs/lounges and shopping areas.
  • check local transportation schedules for shuttles, buses and trains.
  • check airline flight schedules (live from local airport(s)), check-in to their flights and even print boarding passes (via printer at the Front Desk or Concierge).

ICE has become the preferred company solution for many limited service hotel brands. It's a guest-friendly convenience that helps guests enjoy more of your hotel and of enhancing their stays with you.

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ICE Lobby
ICE Connect



ICE | lobby

Make Intelity's ICE guest interface your hotel's landing page and your guests can access your services from their laptops whenever they log in to your Internet connection. They'll be a click or tap away from all your hotel services.