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Intelity's ICE is an enterprise solution.

ICE touches all areas of your hotel's operation integrating all management systems, streamlining ticket/request management, monitoring response times, allowing instant content updates & changes, managing data securely and measuring ROI. It is complete hotel management like never before and like no one else. And it's all in real time.

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ICE Integrates

ICE uses state-of-the-art APIs to share data with PMS (Property Management System), POS (Point of Sale System), Restaurant, Spa, Golf, Guest Request Management and more.

Workflow Integrations

Request (Ticket) Management

Automatic and instant communication of all guest requests. No staff data re-entry.



ICE is a Compendium

All information and images normally printed in guestroom compendiums are now digitized and current – thus saving thousands in printing.

Then and Now

Every system is modified, monitored and managed through ICE control programming. Performance charts, graphs and numbers can be viewed in real time. Accurate and immediate data is always available.
Business Intelligence

Ad Stats

ICE Reports

ICE Tracks

Performance tracking, status reports and ROI can be reviewed in real time.

Staff Response

ICE Markets to Guests

Guest Messaging - communicating and promoting

Direct messaging to guests by rate code, market segment, length of stay and other screening. Videos and banner ads to inform, advise and promote to every/selected guestrooms.

ICE Markets
Guest Messaging
Content Control

Change all content in real time including menus, hours, promotions, and lead times. One central source updates all guest-facing technologies.

Menu Changes
Virtual Narrator

Multimedia Video

You can create and place a video that plays for all your guests or just some guests or just one guest.

  • Your general manager can welcome all guests to the hotel.
  • Your chef can describe today's special tasting menu or the catch of the day.
  • The mother and father of the bride/groom can welcome just those guests attending the wedding.
  • A company/group officer can welcome meeting attendees with a video played in only their guestrooms.
Room Controls

Room Controls

Guests can adjust the room lighting, drapes and climate with a touch of a finger.

ICE Room Controls
Promotional Materials

Promotional Material

Intelity has support material to instruct and promote hotel mobile and tablet apps to your guests.

ICE Enabled