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Guest Features


ICE is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Using the ICE platform, hotels can offer thirty-five services to guests with ICE.

Check in to the list below. You'll see all of the guest services that hotels offer. And with ICE integrated into your hotel's Property Management, Point of Sale, Ticket Management, Spa, Golf and Restaurant management systems, your guests can make requests, place orders, ask questions, schedule transportation, set spa or golf times and more from their mobile or your in-room devices. And there's no data re-entry by your staff. The guest requests go right into ICE and are delivered instantaneously to appropriate departments and staff.

Hotel Features

Ease of Use

Elegant Design

Each interface is uniquely designed to meet and exceed your hotel's brand and amenity standards. Guests will easily navigate through the hotel's offerings to order services, play games and much more. Designed as a touch technology, each interface is tested and evaluated to ensure the best in elegant usable design.

Ease Of Use

In our digital world, consumers want convenience, content and control.

Hotels want happy guests and advantages over competitive properties. Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) presents all your guest services with a convenient touch screen technology that is both inviting and easy to use – so much so that more than 92% of guests use it during their stays.

Ease of Use: Design
Ease of Use: Video



Multimedia Video - Welcome Guests

Transform your message beyond check-in. General Managers, Chefs, Meeting Planners, Brides & Grooms, Presidents & CEOs, all come to life through ICE.

Intelity's ICE allows Real Time direct messaging to all guests or specific guests based on rate code, market segment, length of stay, what meeting they're attending and more.


Built as a multilingual technology. ICE gives guests the ability to select their language of choice. ICE automatically reduces the barriers to order services to guests and increases ease of use.

Ease of Use: Language

Ease of Use: Mobile
Ease of Use: Keyboard

There are no moving parts or cords for the guest to fumble with as Intelity's ICE touch screen technology has keyboard and touch commands built in.




Intelity's ICE is designed for many types of web-enabled platforms. Guests can view and make requests for thirty-five hotel services directly from their smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Isn't making their stays simpler and more convenient the key to customer service? Indeed, it is.

Room Controls

It has never been easier for guests to be in their comfort zone give your guests the ability to select their own ambience.

Climate & Lighting Controls: Temperature



Order Services

From Spa to Dining, Transportation and Restaurant Reservations, Intelity's ICE lets guests take control with a touch.

Ordering services never became so engaging with pictures, real time relevant offerings, even dietary selections. ICE provides what the guest wants, ease of transaction.

Pre-Plan Meal & Events

Intelity's ICE allows guest to order & request items on their time at their pace.

Requests for meal times, valet parking, housekeeping request and much more have never been easier using ICE. Guests control their stay and services how they want them and when.





Request Services

From wake up calls, to airline information to the simplicity of ordering a toothbrush. ICE gives you the guest the conveniences of efficiency and control. Requesting items has never been easier and more secure.

Events Request
Real Time Info

Real Time Information

ICE users will have at their fingertips real time usable information that is relevant to their preferences and stay. Intelity's revolutionary technology bridges the gaps of communication between hotel and guests in real time.


Intelity features Mail services that allow guests to track all of their requests and activities. Mail also gives guests the ability to receive direct messaging from hotel staff, meeting planners and guests.



Intelity's scrolling banner ads feature what is important specifically to the guest. Based on rate code, guest will view ads that are targeted specific to their buying preference. Ads Whether shopping, dining or simply a spa treatment, guests at their command can take advantage of real time offerings.


Airline Services

Guests can view local airport flight schedules, check in to their flights and print boarding passes (at the Front Desk or Concierge Desk) with ICE.

Print Boarding Passes