Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel Becomes Australia's First ICE Enabled Hotel

Intelity - February 27th 2014

As the curtains part on Australia’s newest luxe design project, Hotel Hotel in Canberra, a new technology era has dawned for the accommodation industry with the address revealing itself as the nation’s first live Intelity ICE site. As Asia Pacific’s leading hotel technology group, McLaren Technologies was commissioned last year to install a new guest service experience system and, “dissolve boundaries between nature, technology and the built environment” at the hotel. (Photo Credit:Ross Honeysett)

ICE Sapphire

Intelity Announces ICE Sapphire, New Partnerships Drove 2013 Success

PRWeb - December 19th 2013

Leading hospitality technology firm Intelity is announcing one of its most successful years to date since it was founded in 2007. Four new global hotel brand engagements, new partners in Latin America, Africa and China and the introduction of the newest version of its trademark ICE platform – contributed to the company’s expansion and financial success throughout the year.

ICE Sapphire

New Premium Content Controls Announced for Intelity’s ICE Sapphire Platform

Hotel Online - June 24th 2013

With its official release date fast approaching, new information is available about ICE Sapphire, the new guest services platform from hospitality technology firm Intelity. The company announced today that it is introducing a Premium Content model that will be available for clients that sign up for ICE Sapphire. Guests can use Intelity's ICE guest service platform to access all of a hotel's services as well as look up information, but with the new ICE Sapphire Premium Content option, hotels will be able to select which features, if any, they want to identify as premium. These premium features can include games, magazines, Internet access and more.


New London Office and EMEA Sales Director Boosts Intelity’s Regional Presence

Hotel Online - May 21st 2013

With the doors now open at its London office, hospitality technology company Intelity is looking to make its award-winning ICE guest service platform a staple for hotels throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The new location serves as the company’s regional headquarters and is only the first step in a comprehensive strategy, developed largely by Intelity senior vice president of international hospitality sales Jake Buckstead. To reinforce its efforts, Intelity has increased its manpower with the hire of James Fothergill, EMEA sales director.

Cenium Integration

Intelity releases Cenium integrations

Hotel Management - May 21st 2013
Travel Communication - May 19th 2013

Intelity has released new integrations with the property management system and point-of-sale system of the Cenium Hospitality Enterprise Resource Planning solution. The new integrations were developed to allow hotels using technologies from both Intelity and Cenium, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, to connect these back-end systems for seamless communication of guest data, orders and requests.

ICE Sapphire

Intelity Wants Hotels to Shine With All-New ICE Sapphire

Hotel Online - May 7th 2013

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but sapphires are now a hotelier’s, thanks to a new release from hospitality technology company Intelity. The company announced today that the release date of ICE Sapphire, a brand new in-room guest service platform, will be June 14, with initial installations expected in the fall of this year. ICE Sapphire will offer a high-tech take on the hotel clock radio, multi-device support with native and HTML5 web apps, increased flexibility of design, elegant new themes, and enhanced opportunities for commerce and advertising.

Intelity Book4Time

Intelity offers new integration for hotel spas with Book4Time

Hotel Online - March 21st 2013

Using Intelity's ICE, guests can review a menu of spa services and schedule an appointment. If the desired time is not open in the Book4Time system, the guest is presented with alternative options and can choose another time that fits their schedule. Once the guest confirms a reservation time, it is marked on the spa's electronic schedule in the Book4Time system. What once was a manual, time-consuming process for spa staff becomes something that is completed instantly and flawlessly through this integration. And the guest never has to pick up the telephone.

Hotel Interactive

Intelity Plans to Put the Globe on ICE

Hotel Online - March 19th 2013

Intelity, a leader in hospitality technology and creator of the ICE enterprise platform, is launching a global expansion initiative with new locations and a surge in hiring. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the technology firm will open new sales offices in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore. Intelity President and CEO David Adelson said, "The past year has been incredibly successful for us. Hotels know who we are and they know what ICE is because we've been around since this technology first emerged. We need a stronger global presence to match the broadening demand."

35/35 Integrations

Intelity Achieves 35 Integrations and 35 Guest Services

Intelity - February 27th 2013

Hospitality technology company Intelity today announced that it is able to offer 35 guest services and 35 integrations with its ICE guest management software. This is the highest number of integrations or services available from any company in the world.


Intelity's ICE Now Covers Five Continents

Intelity - February 11th 2013

Intelity, a leading provider of hospitality technology, has now expanded its reach across five continents. The company was the first to install integrated guest service software on iPads in hotel rooms and is currently deployed at almost 500 hotels worldwide, from Los Angeles to London.


Intelity's ICE Storms Hotel Lobbies

Intelity - January 10th 2013

Tablets equipped with ICE Lobby software can be stationed in a hotel's lobby or other public locations, such as meeting rooms and retail areas. The self-service technology allows guests to quickly access a variety of services, including hotel information, local area information, maps and directions, Internet access, and transportation.


Intelity and Hotelinnovativ Bring ICE to Switzerland

Intelity - January 7th 2013

Intelity, the leading provider of hotel guest management software, announced a new partnership with Hotelinnovativ, a system integrator catering to luxury hotels in Switzerland and several other European countries. The collaboration will enable Intelity's ground-breaking ICE technology to be more widely available to hotels throughout that region with customized, local service and support in the common languages of the area.


Peninsula and Intelity Announce an Evolution of Interactivity

Intelity - November 8th 2012

The Peninsula Hotels, Asia's oldest hotel brand, and Intelity, creator of the leading hotel guest management solution, announced a marked advance in guestroom service technology. The new system successfully combines many hotel technologies into a simpler, faster and more direct guest service on guestroom touch screen tablets.

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Jeff Fox Joins Intelity's Executive Team

Hospitality Technology - October 12th 2012

Intelity has announced the appointment of Jeff Fox to its executive board as vice president strategic partnerships. Fox brings with him diverse operational, brand and enterprise experience across all hospitality market segments attained over two decades in the industry, including more than 10 years as an executive for Hilton Worldwide.

iPhone 5 and Intelity

ICE ready for the iPhone 5

Intelity – September 26, 2012

Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) Mobile enterprise platform, which allows guests to access all of a hotel's guest services from Android or Apple smartphones and tablets, is fully compatible with any version of the iPhone.

Aloft Intelity

ICE Featured in Top Rated Aloft Hotels

Intelity – September 14, 2012

Aloft Hotels has taken several initiatives to maintain a modern edge over the competition, one of which is the installation of cutting-edge guest service technology from software company Intelity. The Intelity ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise platform is present in 26 Aloft hotels internationally, with plans to eventually install in all.

5 Years

Intelity Celebrates Five Years as Industry Leader

Intelity – August 30, 2012

Technology firm Intelity announced the 5-year anniversary since its inception in 2007. Since appearing on the scene, Intelity has developed a reputation for innovative developments, impeccable customer support, and sleek, custom designs.

Intelity Evolve

Intelity and Evolve Guest Controls Announce Strategic Partnership

Intelity – June 27, 2012

Through this new agreement, Evolve will take advantage of Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise platform to power its Evolve room controls with guest service applications. Intelity's customers will also be able to use Evolve's room controls, which are capable of manipulating factors such as lighting, temperature, room status and motorized shading systems, through the multiple ICE interfaces.

ICE Flow

The Life and Times of a Guest Request with Intelity's ICE Technology

Intelity – June 26, 2012

Intelity, the world leader in hotel guest self-service technology, presented its full ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise platform at the annual hospitality technology industry trade show (called HITEC) here today. ICE is now operating in almost 500 hotels worldwide and in every major hotel brand. It has become a brand standard for many of them.


Intelity and Newmarket® International Forge Partnership for Meeting & Event Focused Hotels

Intelity – June 25, 2012

Intelity, the world's most widely installed hotel guest service platform company, and Newmarket® International, the hospitality industry's leading event and business services company, have announced a partnership to deliver the world's first fully integrated service request and fulfillment system for hotels serving the meeting and event market.


Intelity Announces Partnership with Swisscom Hospitality

Intelity – June 25, 2012

Intelity, an Orlando based hospitality software solution company, announced a partnership with Swisscom Hospitality Services, the provider of award-winning ConnectedHotel TV and a leading system integrator for hotels.


Intelity and Enseo Announce ICEbox™

Intelity – June 13, 2012

Enseo, Inc., the preferred platform for in-room entertainment and digital signage in hospitality, retail, healthcare, and stadiums and arenas, and Intelity, the leading hotel guest services management company and creators of the ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise platform, announced today the introduction of ICEbox™, which automatically enables Intelity's ICE directly on Enseo set-back/set-top boxes (SBB/STB)*, creating an interactive in-room entertainment and customized guest services experience.

Intelity-Earth Day

Intelity Stops The Presses For Earth Day!

Intelity – April 22, 2012

"ICE is truly a green solution," said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. "What better way for hotels to fulfill their commitment to sustainability while saving literally thousands of dollars in printing costs each year."

ICE - Smarter Hotels. Happier Guests

Intelity's ICE Now Integrates with Twenty-Five Hotel Systems. Creates an Automated Staff Experience.

Intelity – March 15, 2012

Intelity, the guest services management company announced today its ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) enterprise solution now integrates with a record twenty-five hotel management systems directly from any of its five guest-facing technologies. "We've achieved twenty-five fully certified, tested and validated integrations," said David Adelson, Intelity president and CEO. "Our commitment to making the hotel operation easier continues and clearly creates benefit to streamlining requests and guest services."


Intelity – Changing Hospitality in an Instant

Intelity – January 10, 2012

Intelity will once again change the way hoteliers do business with the launch of ICE Instant. With this introduction, regardless of their size, hotels will be able to create a customized app for guests via The user-friendly site takes hoteliers through a four-step process: sign up, select, submit and serve allowing them to sign up; select the information, services and images that are best suited to their individual property; submit the data and name their price; ultimately serve their guests in a way that provides them with the control, content and convenience they have come to expect.

Hoteles Charleston

La elegancia y la innovación se combinan en Suramérica con la introducción de Intelity ICE en los hoteles Charleston de Colombia

(Elegance and innovation combine in South America with the introduction of Intelity ICE in the Hoteles Charleston of Colombia)

Intelity – December 2, 2011

Intelity continúa su expansión global con tres hoteles de cinco estrellas en Colombia.


Classic Style Meets Cutting Edge Technology as Hotel Bel-Air Reopens with Intelity's ICE Technology

Intelity – November 3, 2011

After an extensive 24-month refurbishment and redesign, Dorchester Collection's property, Hotel Bel-Air, has reopened its doors featuring Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) technology.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills Launches Cutting-Edge ICE Technology

Intelity – September 19, 2011

Launching on October 3, 2011, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills will be the first hotel on the West Coast and the first Four Seasons property to offer ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) from Intelity on personal, in-room iPad2 devices throughout all 285 guestrooms and suites.


The Morgans Hotel Group Continues to Revolutionize Hospitality with the Addition of Intelity's ICE to Delano and Hudson

Intelity – September 7, 2011

Guests staying at the renowned Delano will be able to use Intelity ICE (Interactive Customer Experience ™) Touch on iPad to order room service, find information on local attractions and events, make dinner reservations, coordinate transportation, or use any other available services all with the simple touch of a finger to their in-room iPad. Another popular version, ICE Connect, will be found in all 831 rooms at the celebrated Hudson enabling guests to navigate through all offered hotel guest services from the convenience of their laptops.


Virtual Concierge Arrives in Asia with the Introduction of Intelity's ICE to The L Resort Krabi

Intelity – August 9, 2011

Intelity, creator of the world's first interactive guest service technology, has partnered with The L Resort Krabi to create a unique guest experience with ICE Touch (Interactive Customer Experience™) on iPad. The partnership marks the first time the technology has been deployed in Asia and will provide guests with the power to customize their individual stays and increase the overall efficiency of the resort's operations.


Intelity Wins Top Honors from The Wall Street Journal and The Global Business Travel Association

Intelity – July 28, 2011

2011 may be the "year of the app" for the hospitality industry but is also the year of recognition for Intelity. The hospitality software solution company's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience ™) program has just won the Business Traveler Innovation Award for Best Travel Convenience & Efficiency Innovation.


Intelity ICE Brings Modern Technology to the Timeless Elegance of The Palmer House Hilton

Hotel Online – July 18, 2011

An architectural wonder in the heart of downtown Chicago, The Palmer House Hilton, offers guests the opportunity to relish in the grandeur of tradition while experiencing the latest innovation in hospitality, ICE (Interactive Customer Experience ™). This award-winning technology places guests in control of their stay allowing them the ability to customize their experience with a simple touch to their personal mobile device.


Intelity Provides Hoteliers with an Affordable Solution That Decreases Costs and Increases Guest Satisfaction

Intelity – June 20, 2011

As the world's first and only guest service interface offering a full array of hotel offerings, ICE Mobile provides guests with a convenient way to coordinate their hotel needs instantly via their mobile device. Launching on-site at HITEC, Intelity is offering hoteliers the opportunity to be a part of the evolution in guest services through a price special on ICE Mobile. Hotels under 1,000 rooms are eligible to deploy ICE Mobile for the low cost of $250 a month.

Intelity ICE Expands Offerings to Include the Android Platform

Intelity – June 21, 2011

Intelity, an Orlando based hospitality software solution company,announced today the availability of its award-winning ICE Mobile technology to hoteliers on the Android platform. As the world's first and only guest service interface providing a full array of hotel offerings, Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) technology provides guests with a convenient way tocoordinate their hotel needs instantly from within the hotel property or even from miles away.

Intelity Provides Hoteliers with an Affordable Solution That Decreases Costs and Increases Guest Satisfaction

Intelity – June 20, 2011

As the world's first and only guest service interface offering a full array of hotel offerings, ICE Mobile provides guests with a convenient way to coordinate their hotel needs instantly via their mobile device. Launching on-site at HITEC, Intelity is offering hoteliers the opportunity to be a part of the evolution in guest services through a price special on ICE Mobile. Hotels under 1,000 rooms are eligible to deploy ICE Mobile for the low cost of $250 a month.


Morgans Hotel Group Receives Visionary Award for ICE on iPads

Intelity – April 21, 2011
Hospitality Technology – April 21, 2011
Video – April 21, 2011

"We are thrilled to be recognized for this virtual extension of our commitment to providing a dynamic and innovative guest experience at our hotels," says Kim Walker, senior vice president of marketing and creative director for Morgans Hotel Group. "We look forward to offering the service throughout our portfolio."


Intelity's ICE Helps Hotels Reach Sustainability Goals

Intelity – April 21, 2011

"Sustainability is the capacity to endure" – Wikipedia. Hundreds of hotels around the world, including the Edition Waikiki, Hilton Inn at Penn, JW Marriott Marquis Indianapolis, Diamondhead Beach Resort and Mondrian Soho have implemented ICE technology and created a more sustainable business model by doing so.


Intelity's ICE Touch On Ipads Product Wins HTNG's "Most Innovative Hospitality Technology" Award For 2010

HTNG – March 9, 2011

The hotelier members of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) awarded the 2010 Most Innovative Hospitality Award to Intelity's "ICE Touch on iPads" at the association's Members' Meeting last week. HTNG senior officers presented the awards at the 7th Annual Members' Meeting of HTNG in San Diego, California on March 3.


World’s Largest JW Marriott Opens with Intelity’s ICE Software Available in Every Room

Intelity – February 17, 2011

“Having the opportunity to bring some of the best and most innovative hospitality technology to the largest JW Marriott in the world was a new milestone for White Lodging,” said Ken Barnes, VP of Information Technology, White Lodging.


Intelity's ICE Technology on iPads Enhances the Guest Experience at New York's Plaza Hotel

Intelity – February 3, 2011
Intelity – January 24, 2011

Plaza guests will encounter “luxury – redefined” with access to anything they need or desire using ICE software on in-room iPads. This gives customers 30 guest services that range from ordering in-room dining; making dinner reservations; arranging beauty and spa appointments to coordinating transportation; getting tickets to the hottest show in town; making housekeeping requests and much more. Whatever the Plaza offers, it is there for guests at the touch of the screen.


Intelity Adds Room Controls Integration to its ICE Software.

Intelity – December 13, 2010

Intelity has added its newest feature to its ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) hotel software solution - Room Controls.

Inn at Penn

Philadelphia's Hilton Inn at Penn gets ICE Touch on iPads

Hilton Inn at Penn – Dec 07, 2010

"The Inn at Penn will be the first Hilton hotel as well as the first hotel in Philadelphia to introduce the Apple iPads equipped with Intelity/ICE software to their guestrooms."


Intelity Adds Four More Staff Members To Its Team As Its Business Continues to Grow

Intelity – Dec 6, 2010

Intelity announced four new hires this week, Ken Paskman and Zac West in technology, Lori Block in sales and Andy Williams in marketing.


Intelity Growth Spurs New Hires and Larger Offices

Intelity – Sept 2, 2010

As a result of the tremendous sales success of Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) software products, Intelity Solutions, LLC is increasing its staff and doubling its office space. Intelity software serves hotels and their guests with interactive guest service platforms and management tools.

The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza, New York City, Now Offers iPads in All Guest Rooms with Virtual Concierge

The Plaza – June 23, 2010

The landmark hotel on Central Park South is partnering with Orlando-based Intelity to become the first hotel in the world to provide guests services and amenities using iPads and Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Solution) software solution.


NCR and Intelity team to expand multi-channel self-service convenience to hotel guests

Intelity – June 22, 2010

The partnership aims to improve guest experience and drive property revenue by increasing access to hotel services and amenities.

Guest Tek

Intelity and Guest Tek Announce Partnership for Delivering Comprehensive, Fully Transactional Hotel Guest Services Via In-Room Interactive Televisions

Intelity – June 21, 2010

Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience), coupled with Guest Tek’s OneView IPTV and HDTV Media services will enable this innovative offering. The blending of these two technologies will allow hotel guests to order in room dining, make restaurant reservations, request wake-up calls, make spa reservations, request housekeeping or maintenance services, even check airline schedules and check in for flights using the remote and the television in their guest rooms.


Wyndham Worldwide taps Intelity To Enhance Guest Technology Experience

Wyndham Worldwide – June 17, 2010

Wyndham Worldwide and Intelity will deploy an innovative and interactive guest web experience, Wyndham Connect, exclusively across all Wyndham Hotel Group brands in North America and provide the Hotel Group with access to its Interactive Customer Experience (ICE) suite of products.

At your service: Intelity Solutions of Orlando creates in-room concierge system. - Feb. 10th 2010

With the flick of a finger, guests at the Westin Imagine can order room service, request their car from the valet, or make reservations at local restaurants.


Intelity’s Efficient Guest Services Echoed in Golden-Globe Nominated Flick

Intelity - Dec. 17th 2009

With today’s demand for instant gratification, travelers are daunted by the inefficiency of traveling as seen in the trials and tribulations of a constant business traveler like “Up in the Air’s,” Ryan Bingham, portrayed by George Clooney.


Hottest Travel Technology for 2010

Intelity - Dec. 1st 2009

Having gained intense momentum in its beta testing, ICE is poised to bring travel tranquility to a whole new generation of consumers.

Independent Boston hotel brings CRM to guest room utilizing touch screens

Hotel Business Magazine - Oct 21st 2009

Independent hotels by nature obviously have a certain level of unpredictability for guests, especially in comparison to the widespread, standard-bearing chain hotels that dominate the U.S. lodging landscape.


Intelity’s Interactive Customer Experience is now available on Guest Mobile Device.

PRLog - May 13th 2009

With our introduction of ICE Mobile, guests gain all the hotel benefits and services whether in their room, at play or anywhere they choose as a registered hotel guest.