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Intelity's ICE is a technology platform that does all the digital heavy-lifting for hotels. The platform handles integrations of all systems, reporting in real time and data management. It is one enterprise application that serves your guests via your choice of five guest-facing versions.


ICE Versions

Innovations and Achievements

Star Intelity created the world's first interactive guest service technology presenting the full array of more than 40 guest services via guestroom touch screens and a "back end" ticket/request/content management tool that measures ROI and integrates into most hotel (POS, PMS, etc.) systems.

Star The first and only full hotel services menu on the iPad tablet.

Star The first and only full hotel services iPhone application.

Star The first and only full hotel services software for guestroom TVs.

Star Integration with more than 40 hotel systems including PMS, POS, restaurant and ticket systems.

Benefits - For the guest

A more enjoyable stay. In the digital age, consumers (and guests) expect more convenience, content and control. Just read guest comments about ICE:

"The nicest part of the room was the iPad on the desk which had our name welcoming us on the home page. I was able to check in for our flight home the next day without having to go to the business center. If needed, room service could be ordered or anything else done on the iPad. It really was a nice touch."

“The room also had a technology called ICE. I have never seen anything like ICE before, but it was amazing. Throughout my stay I preplanned meals and services and also found out where the nearest mall was!”

Benefits - For the hotel

Advantages of ICE

Checkmark Builds revenues in old and new places.

Checkmark Reduces labor costs.

Checkmark Increases efficiency.

Checkmark Integrates with more than 40 hotel systems.

Checkmark Gives your hotel a meaningful competitive advantage over non-ICE hotels.


92% of hotel guests in ICE-enabled hotels use the system to order hotel services during their stays.


The Intelity Support Team provides both hotel partners and guests 24/7 support year around.

Recognition and Awards

Visionary Award

In April 2013, with the help of Intelity's ICE enterprise platform, Conrad Hotels and Resorts were presented the award for customer-facing/in room technology innovation by Hospitality Technology.

Euro Hospitality Awards

In November 2011, with the help of Intelity's ICE Touch on iPad, The Eccleston Square Hotel in London was presented In-Room Technology Innovation of the Year by the European Hospitality Awards.

Wall Street Journal, GBTA Award

In July 2011 the Wall Street Journal and the 5000-member Global Business Travelers Association awarded Intelity's ICE Touch on iPads their Innovation Award for "Traveler Convenience & Efficiency."


In March 2011, ICE Touch on iPads was named the Most Innovative Hospitality Technology by HTNG. This is the second year that Intelity has been honored for our transcendent hospitality software.


In March 2010, the ICE technology was awarded the Runner-Up title as the Most Innovative Hospitality Technology award as given by HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation), the leading hotel technology industry association.

Orlando Business Journal

In September 2010, The Orlando Business Journal awarded its 2010 Technology Award honoring the CEO/CIO of the Year to David Adelson, president/CEO of Intelity Corporation.


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Hilton Preferred Vendor

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Intelity's software is serving almost 500 hotels worldwide including almost all major brands and many significant independents.