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Hospitality Technology

2013 Visionary Award

In April 2013, with the help of Intelity's ICE enterprise platform, Conrad Hotels and Resorts were presented the award for customer-facing/in room technology innovation by Hospitality Technology.

Euro Hospitality Awards

2011 European Hospitality Awards

In November 2011, with the help of Intelity's ICE Touch on iPad, The Eccleston Square Hotel in London was presented In-Room Technology Innovation of the Year by the European Hospitality Awards.


2011 Innovation Award

In July 2011 the Wall Street Journal and the 5000-member Global Business Travelers Association awarded Intelity's ICE Touch on iPads their Innovation Award for "Traveler Convenience & Efficiency."


2011 Visionary Award

Morgans Hotel Group was chosen as Customer-facing/In-room Technology Innovator for the deployment of Intelity's ICE Touch on iPads at its Royalton property in New York City. Kim Walker, senior vice president of marketing for Morgans said, "We have since expanded an enhanced version of our Intelity in-room iPad Program to our newest hotel, Mondrian SoHo, and look forward to offering it throughout our portfolio."


Best Innovation in Hospitality Technology

In March 2011, the ICE technology was voted the world's most innovative hospitality technology by HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation), the industry's esteemed hotel technology organization. This is the second year that Intelity has been honored for our transcendent hospitality software.


Best Guest Interface

In March 2010, the ICE technology was awarded the Runner-Up title as the Most Innovative Hospitality Technology award as given by HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation), the leading hotel technology industry association.

Hospitality Technology

CEO of the Year

Orlando Business Journal - Aug. 23rd 2010

In September 2010, The Orlando Business Journal awarded its 2010 Technology Award honoring the CEO/CIO of the Year to David Adelson, president/CEO of Intelity Corporation.